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HIDZ Multi-Purpose Primer & Sealer - Gallon

HIDZ Multi-Purpose Primer & Sealer - Gallon

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Zinsser HIDZ is a multi-purpose interior and exterior water-base Primer that’s great for most surfaces. It is ideal for hiding previous colors and sealing porous surfaces. HIDZ blocks common stains like crayon and oily handprints and has great adhesion in a fast-drying formulation. HIDZ is perfect for remodeling especially where transitions of new and existing work meet. Its easy flow properties make it great for brush, roll or spray application.

  • Interior / Exterior Multi-Purpose Primer & Sealer
  • Great hide & adhesion
  • Blocks common stains
  • Sticks to all surfaces
  • Sands easily
  • Paintable in 1 hour
  • Great for new or previously painted drywall, wood, masonry, brick, and stucco


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